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ICF aims to bring to the marketplace (6) key elements of a food system: (1)Urban Farm (2) Local Food Hub (3) Local Food Processor (4) Retail: Farm Market/Grocery Store (5) Community Engagement/Mixed-Use and (6) Food Waste Control.

(1) Urban Farm: Identifying 60 to 80 acres in and around urban areas for farming and production, ICF will be able to bring approximately 2 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to the local market.

(2) Local Food Hub: ICF will distribute the food items through our own food hub, where we will have the ability to sell to local restaurants within the market targeting areas of redevelopment in retail, community and mixed-use projects. With this, cities undergoing a renaissance such as Detroit and Camden, can greatly benefit as food distribution will be offered senior centers, food cupboard organizations, schools, and correctional facilities. ICF will also feature mobile food carts (already successful in NYC), spreading access throughout the designated urban area.

(3) Local Food Processors: ICF will operate out of our own warehouse location. This location will feature custom programs that target local health and food issues in the market, including, but not limited to:

  • Meal delivery program offering different menus helping those that struggle with diabetes, hypertension, obesity or any family without the time or experience in cooking healthy meals.
  • Local “food-preneur” partnerships: The warehouse will also have designated space where we will partner with other food entrepreneurs so that they can produce and customize prepared food items with their own local flavor.
  • The warehouse location will also offer a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)  program.

(4) Retail – Farmer’s Market & Grocery store: All ICF locations will have a farmer’s market/grocery store for area residents to shop and enjoy, complete with outdoor seating and a cafe where patrons can enjoy freshly prepared foods, lunches, etc.

(5) Community Engagement / Mixed-Use: Creating and all-inclusive, community integrated and mixed-use space is a key component to the ICF mission. Within the ICF complex including the Farmer’s Market, we will build condos/artist studios. Our plan is to partner with both established and upcoming local visual and performing artist, by providing galleries, practicing and performing settings. ICF will also feature on the main farm location, an open space for members of the community to enjoy the beauty of nature. There will be weekly activities, occasional outdoor performances, and the work of local artists. ICF will offer meeting and banquet space, host weddings and community events. ICF wants the city it resides in to feel at home on the farm.

(6) Food Waste Control: Sustainability is a key focus for ICF. We will close the chain by collecting green food waste keeping it out of the landfills. We will operate a composting center at our locations generating our nutritious soil for our urban farm.

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