ICF is unveiling our modern Urban Farm concept as well as kicking off our crowdfunding campaign. The solution to food insecurity is a localized food system providing not only healthy food items but jobs at a living wage. Our impoverished communities need food independence and employment. ICF has realized that expanding disposable income within the community, along with access and education is the path forward to the demise food deserts.

We can bring in tons of fruit and vegetables but if the community does not have the money to purchase them because they are unemployed what we have achieved? The proverbial dangling of the carrot, NOT FUNNY!

The SNAP benefit is  $1.41 per meal per person, again not funny!. Our community is far better of with jobs. ICF is bringing a minimum of 100 jobs to the city


I am not an angry person but ” we should not accept a food system where we waste 50% of food products, and families go hungry, children can not pay attention in school because their stomachs are growling and obesity, diabetes and dementia plague of communities.

Our call to arms is not against the affluent, nor the State, local or Federal government officials. There has been and are to this day a lot of good people, programs and resources inside struggling communities trying to bring about better outcomes. We need to say loud and strong ” we don’t have to eat like this” and “we don’t have to feed our children like this.” This food system is failing the most vulnerable in our society, and we can stop this.

Join us on August 11th in Camden, NJ and learn the how WE ALL KNOW THE WHY!