About the Founder – Fredric Byarm

Fredric, having grown up in Camden, NJ and being a well-traveled global citizen, sees the urban areas in the U.S. through the eyes of someone who has played football in the streets among the parked cars, playing stickball in open lots, and listening for the Mr. Softee, ice cream truck on hot summer days.

“I remember the long trips to the Pathmark, sometimes in a taxi-cab and buying most food from the corner stores.  I just thought that was how things were everywhere. It was my grandmothers who taught me how to cook and bake. I attended The Restaurant School in Philadelphia to get my Culinary degree. I chose the Restaurant School because the course included a trip to France. My career took off after culinary school and I experienced a lot of incredible things including the opening of four restaurants and (10) appearances on TV Food Network.”

Along with his years as a critically acclaimed Chef and restaurateur, Fredric A. Byarm brings his Lean and Six Sigma Black Belt Certifications in manufacturing to the organization. In 2010, Fredric moved to Phoenix, AZ and began to help out at the Phoenix Dream Center, a volunteer driven nonprofit organization, which exists to serve the homeless, low-income, at risk youth and struggling individuals and families by providing resources, opportunities and supportive services to help them realize their dream of living a self-sufficient life. Working there and within hospital systems in Arizona and Colorado is when he started his focus on issues of food insecurity and how he can use his talents to help others.

Having decades of experience within the food system and understanding the flow from farmer to the dinner table, Fredric believes he is perfectly positioned to challenge how the food system functions within America’s worst urban food deserts, such as Chicago, New York, Detroit, New Orleans, and his hometown of Camden, NJ. Developing a food system which delivers not only healthy food at an affordable cost but education about the benefits of nutritious foods and jobs for those who may be having trouble finding work.

This vision of bringing healthy food, jobs and respecting the community’s dignity is Fredric’s passion and the reason for opening Invincible City Farms LLC. Nothing will deter Fredric’s mission, as he states, “Just because no one has done it yet, does not mean it can not be done”.